Hello world!

Hello world!

Music for Memories is a support for awareness of memory loss, dementia and the families who suffer from it. Dementia can come in many different guises and it doesn’t just affect the the sufferer, but the whole family. Plus, it’s way more common than you think… almost 321,600 Australians (see Fight Dementia link below) suffer from it.

So, why music you may ask?

As a former specialised dementia care worker, I have seen the amazing influence that music can be as a calming therapy and a trigger for memories. Before you diss your parents or grandparents about their music taste, remember some of their wildest, most wonderful, romantic memories came from those songs.

If someone you love has dementia, stay in touch. Music for Memories will pass on any information you might need to help cope with your loved ones diagnosis. You’re not alone and remember, music can help.

MFM xx


Fight Dementia: http://www.fightdementia.org.au/understanding-dementia/statistics.aspx


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